Humans of Ancient Faith: Christine Rogers

Humans of Ancient Faith is a series of mini-interviews designed to introduce you to the many wonderful human beings who make this ministry possible. We asked the same 5 questions in each interview, and let the interviewee choose a sixth question. Today’s guest is author Christine Rogers.


Christine RogersIf you were named for your defining characteristic, what word or phrase would be your name?


What is your earliest specifically Orthodox memory?

I was chrismated when I was five, so I don’t really remember life before I was Orthodox. One of my early childhood memories of the church is asking the priest why we say “I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church” when we’re Orthodox and not Catholic.

What’s your favorite story about your patron saint?

St. Christina was a young woman of immense courage. I try to remember her courage when I struggle.

What’s the title of a conference Ancient Faith has not yet hosted that you would absolutely attend?

AFCON 2022! I’m so excited to be there.

What’s a book or movie that you’d highly recommend? What did you like about it?

I really love the book When Crickets Cry. It’s really beautifully written, and you also learn things without realizing you’re learning things.

What is your favorite liturgical moment?

The silent Great Entrance on Holy Saturday. It gives me chills every time.

About Christine Rogers

Christine Rogers is the extremely extroverted author of Spyridon’s Shoes and The Lost Saint. She loves to write, bake, and be with people. She is a two time OCMC missionary to Kenya and a certified doula. She lives in Alaska with her husband and four children.

About Melinda Johnson

Melinda Johnson is an Orthodox Christian, wife, mama, writer, and the author of Letters to Saint Lydia (AFP 2010) and the Sam and Saucer books (AFP), among others. Melinda has a Master’s in English Literature because she loved taking literature classes so much she couldn’t stop doing it. When she is not seeing “heaven in a wildflower,” Melinda enjoys writing for children, walking and talking, and baking bread.

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