Schedule for the 2019 Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat

Red leavesWhat can you expect when you come to the Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat? Good teaching, good company, good food, and spiritual refreshment are all on the list! As we look forward to this year’s Retreat, which will take place on November 14-17 at Antiochian Village, we invite you to review the daily schedule for this event. Notice that free time for rest and reflection is built into the schedule!

To learn more about the speakers and their topics, read this post. For more information on tickets and registration, click here. Don’t wait too long to buy your ticket. The Conference Center is nearly half full already!

Without further ado, here’s what we’ll be doing each day during the November 2019 Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat.

Thursday, November 14

1:00 PM              Guests arrive any time on or after 1 PM

5:00 PM              Dinner in The Cedars Dining Hall (This year, you can register for either standard or gluten-free/keto menu options. You must make your selection in advance when you buy your ticket.)

7:00 PM              Vespers

8:00 PM              Small-group activities, low-key and restful

Friday, November 15

7:00 AM              Matins

8:00 AM              Breakfast

9:00 AM              Session 1. Mother Christophora: Women Disciples of Christ in the 21st Century.

10:30 AM            Free time

12:00 PM            Lunch

1:00 PM              Session 2. Molly Sabourin. Filled with Less.

2:30 PM              Free time

4:00 PM              Service of Supplication to Saint Raphael Hawaweeny

5:00 PM              Dinner

6:30 PM              Book Discussion Group: I Live Again

8:00 PM              Small groups, visit and relax

Saturday, November 16

7:00 AM              Matins

8:00 AM              Breakfast

9:00 AM              Session 1: Dr. Jeannie Constantinou. Thinking Orthodox.

10:30 AM            Free time

12:00 PM             Lunch

1:00 PM               Session 2. Dr. Roxanne Louh: Inner Voices, Inner Guide: Your Thoughts and Your Faith.

2:30 PM               Free time

4:00 PM               Vespers

5:00 PM               Dinner

6:30 PM              Elissa Bjeletich will share a slideshow of her trip to the Holy Land.

8:00 PM               Small groups, visit and relax

Sunday, November 17

8:00 AM               Matins

9:00 AM               Divine Liturgy

9:30 AM             First airport shuttle

11:00 AM             Brunch

12:00 PM               Last airport shuttle

That’s the schedule! Now, don’t you want to come??

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Melinda Johnson is an Orthodox Christian, wife, mama, writer, and the author of Letters to Saint Lydia (AFP 2010) and the Sam and Saucer books (AFP), among others. Melinda has a Master’s in English Literature because she loved taking literature classes so much she couldn’t stop doing it. When she is not seeing “heaven in a wildflower,” Melinda enjoys writing for children, walking and talking, and baking bread.

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