Journey to Pascha 2019 Chart

We’re delighted to share this year’s edition of Fr. Jonathan Bannon’s wonderful “Journey to Pascha” chart. This chart can be used like a map of Lent, marking off the milestones along the way and providing a suggestion for personal spiritual practice for each week.

Last year, the original edition of this chart traveled around the world. It was even translated into other languages. Glory to God!

Fr. Jonathan came up with the chart originally as a way to help his parish bring the goals of Lent home in creative ways, for all ages. Whether you can attend every service or see every icon or not, you can set goals for yourself during this holy season. This chart is meant to support that effort.

Thank you, Fr. Jonathan! We share his wish for your good strength and peace in Great Lent, and joy in the glorious Resurrection of our Lord!

Click here to download the PDF of Journey to Pascha 2019! 

Fr. Jonathan Bannon

About Fr. Jonathan Bannon

Fr. Jonathan is a priest in the far west of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese. With an undergraduate degree in Art Education K-12 and an associate degree in Fine Art, he loves finding ways of sharing the ancient Faith in creative ways.

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  1. Thank you for posting this!

    I also like the diagram from Fr. Ion Coman that can be found here:

    Both the chart and the diagram can serve us in our journey, guiding our slow ascent from now until Forgiveness Sunday, then through the more arduous Holy Lent, and with God’s Mercy to be better prepared for the Holy Week, and for the Great and Holy Pascha.

    Glory to God!

    1. We contacted Fr. Jonathan Bannon for you, and you have his permission to reprint this in your parish newsletter. Thank you for asking!

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