Save the Date! Tuesday, November 27

Dear Friends,

We’re growing!

This year,  Ancient Faith Radio added 5 new podcasts, 16 new specials—featuring conferences, symposia, seasonal programming, and diocesan assemblies—and 2 new live shows. We also hosted our first Grow-A-Thon, broadcasting live for most of 2 days to celebrate our growth and the  move into our new studio headquarters!

This year, we’ve also reached the point where it’s time to set up more remote studios. Remote studios are high-tech broadcasting equipment like we have at headquarters, but on a smaller scale. For example, we can install a remote studio in a home office or an Orthodox seminary.

Remote studios make it possible to create more unique, locally produced audio programming. That means a wider array of program hosts and topics. It means serving you by addressing concerns and interests from an Orthodox Christian perspective.

We love being at this point! We are so grateful for the opportunity and the demand for more. We’re also excited to have a new tool available for those of you who want to get involved.

This year, Ancient Faith Radio will be participating in #GivingTuesday on November 27. As you may know, #GivingTuesday is 24 hours of dedicated, celebrated support of non-profit organizations and good causes. It started as a social media phenomenon, and it grows bigger every year.

To participate, you’ll be able to text the word STUDIO (uppercase or lowercase) to 91999. You’ll receive a text back with a link. Click that link, and presto! You can help support those new remote studios.

#GivingTuesday is on November 27, but our text-to-give system is live now. You can try it out any time!

Thank you for your support of Ancient Faith Radio. Whether you’ve just recently discovered us or you’re a regular listener or you have supported us with a generous donation, you are helping us grow!


John Maddex
CEO, Ancient Faith Ministries

About John Maddex

John Maddex is CEO of Ancient Faith Ministries, a publishing and radio outreach operating both Ancient Faith Radio and Ancient Faith Publishing. He has 40 years experience in broadcasting, having served at the Moody Bible Institute and Focus on the Family. He was responsible for Moody’s 35 owned-and-operated radio stations for much of that time. John has served on the board of the Fellowship of St. James, which publishes Touchstone and Salvo magazines, as well as the National Religious Broadcasters. He and his wife Tonya live in Chesterton, Indiana, and have two adult children and eight grandchildren.

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