Journey to Pascha 2018 Chart

We were fortunate to find a helpful “Journey to Pascha 2018” chart made by Fr. Jonathan Bannon. He kindly offered to share it, and it is now available as a free download from this post. It provides a map of the milestones along the way and weekly suggestions for participation in your personal spiritual life.

Fr. Jonathan says:

The Journey To Pascha resource came from thinking of practical and fun ways to help my parish bring the goals of Lent home in creative ways for all ages. Not everyone can attend week day services or see every icon of the season. Putting these together is a humble attempt at making a season that can seem overwhelming be more approachable and a joy to enter into as we focus on bringing our lives in the Light of Christ’s resurrection.

Click here to download the PDF of Journey to Pascha 2018!  Good strength for Lent, great joy for Pascha!

Fr. Jonathan Bannon

About Fr. Jonathan Bannon

Fr. Jonathan is a priest in the far west of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese. With an undergraduate degree in Art Education K-12 and an associate degree in Fine Art, he loves finding ways of sharing the ancient Faith in creative ways.

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