Schedule for Seven Holy Women and You: 2020 Online Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat

This year, the beloved Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat is moving online for a special journey into the lives of seven women saints and the ways they foster our own spiritual identity. Created as both a deeply personal and enriching communal experience, our live, interactive webinar retreat will feature the writers of Seven Holy Women: Conversations with Saints and Friends. A copy of the book is complimentary with each registration package. We are…

Unveiling Morwenna: How a Twenty-First-Century Researcher Fell in Love with a Fifth-Century Saint

When Seven Holy Women was just a gleam in the eye of Khouria Melinda Johnson, she gathered around her a group of seven not-especially-holy women and started doling out saints. Each one of us authors was to write about one of the venerable figures Melinda had identified; each one of the saints was a lover of Christ from another age, honored by Christians in both East and West – lesser-known and deserving…

Gratitude in Life’s Trenches: an Interview with Robin Phillips

Your book Gratitude in Life’s Trenches has been creating quite a stir since it came out earlier this month. Within days of the book’s release it became an Amazon best-seller in its category, and it has received a string of positive reviews. Rod Dreher wrote that “this book will open closed minds, gladden weary hearts and change people’s lives,” while Bishop John, Antiochian Orthodox Bishop of Worcester and New England, praised the…

Mom and Kids review Rooted in Prayer Virtual Vacation Church Camp

The most surprising result of the week of church camp was this deepening sense of prayer.  My children have all grown up in the church and have been saying family prayers since they were born and attend church on a regular basis, etc., so you would think they would have a very firm grasp of what prayer is and its importance. 

Happy Father’s Day

Today, I will dwell on the issue of what makes a man a dad. A father can become a dad only in a school called, “the academy of marriage,” where he learns what to say and do. A good dad most often has a good father to learn from.

Facing Forward: Who Is This Conference For?

This conference is for you! If you are in your 40s and struggling with teenage children, this conference is for you. If you’re in your 50s and caring for ailing parents, this conference is for you. If you’re in your 60s and deciding if you want to retire or not, this conference is for you. If you’re in your 70s and looking for a fresh project in retirement, this conference is for you. If you’re coming with your spouse, this conference is for you. If you’re coming by yourself, this conference is for you. Ancient Faith Ministries events at Antiochian Village are known and loved for their friendly atmosphere. Come enjoy good people in a special place. You will be welcome.

Schedule for Facing Forward: An Ancient Faith Conference for the Second Half of Life

The middle years of life – the 40s, 50s, and beyond – are a season of change and realization, and they can be a time of great joy and great suffering. Ancient Faith Ministries cordially invites you to a weekend of thought-provoking conversation, worship, and fellowship as we study the specific issues and blessings that confront us in mature adulthood.