Resilience in a Time of Pandemic

I’m sure you’ve heard the word much these days: resilience. A catch word, of sorts. But what does it mean, practically speaking? And how do we become better at it?

Last week, I had a wonderful conversation with Fulbright Scholar and psychology student Liza Kotar (who also happens to be my cousin). She is currently in Moscow practicing resilience in very real ways. Our conversation was wide-ranging and I found it challenging and fascinating. I was, also, very, very exhausted by a nighttime party with my 19 month old mischief-maker, so I apologize for my bumbling.

Here, for your watching and listening pleasure, is our conversation on resilience and the role of culture in building up and maintaining resilience in communities.

What about you and your community? How are you managing to remain resilient during this strange and unsettling time?


  1. Hi Nicholas – Really interesting! Thank you. I think that we need in many ways to reinhabit our bodies, and avoid those situations where we are reduced to Descartian ‘thinking beings’ – so in terms of practice this means finding practices which bodily involve us – of course prostration in prayer is a really good example of this. Blessings on your labours in the Lord

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