Lecture: How to Create Christian Culture in a Post-Christian West

As I wrote in last week’s post, Ancient Faith’s Writing and Podcasting Conference is becoming an important event in the life of Christian culture in America. The conference has grown from being a meet-up of Ancient Faith’s hard-working, but far-flung staff and writers, to an event that can and has inspired people to write, to think about the important issue of culture in our time, and to share expertise.

I was immensely honored to be invited to speak at this conference. As you know, this blog was initially a way for me to prepare for my lecture by doing research “out loud” so to speak. But the immensity of the problem of Christian culture creation, the vast history of culture in the West, and the great number of possible ways forward–all this ensures that what we’re talking about here is just the tip of the iceberg.

I certainly felt that way when I was preparing my lecture. Luckily, I had the brilliant words and writings of Ivan Ilyin to help focus me in what otherwise would have been a rambling mess, not a lecture. This past week, Ancient Faith put up all the lectures from AFCon up as videos on youtube and on their own site. If you’d like to hear about spicing up your podcasting life, exorcising Gnostic cannibals, or how to deal with shame as an Orthodox Christian, do check out the complete listing of lectures.  Also make sure not to miss the Tolkien panel, which was one of the highlights for me.

Here is the video of my lecture, if you’d like to watch it on this page. Although we had some technical difficulties during my speech, they were expertly edited out by John Maddex and the rest of the team at Ancient Faith, making this video version a much smoother experience than the live version. For this, I am thankful! Please enjoy:

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  1. Given everything said about the superiority of physical books, can we be so fortunate as to expect a paperback release of your translation of Ilyin’s book? Amazon makes such a thing quite easy nowadays.

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