Is Realistic Fiction or Speculative Fiction a Better Form of Culture Creation?

This past week, I was at St. Tikhon’s Monastery in Pennsylvania engaged in a work of culture creation. Benedict Sheehan, the director of the music program at the seminary, recently completed a new liturgy that a professional choir performed, then recorded. I was involved in both, to my great joy. But the time commitment for both was significant, and so I have no new post this week for my readers.

friday links

However, I will offer my regular “Friday links” that I should have sent last week. The theme of this week’s list is something I will write about more in the future (and have written about a bit already). While I think we can all agree that literature is a fundamental part of culture creation and cultivation, many will argue about what kind of literature is the best for culture creation.

You all probably know already what I think. If not, stay tuned 🙂

In any case, it’s a conversation that should be had. To prime the pump, here are some very intelligent people opining on the subject:

Here’s a wonderful post from the great writer Eugene Vodolazkin on why he thinks we are on the verge of a new Middle Ages (not in a bad way, either).

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I’ll endeavor to write two posts next week in preparation for The Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference, which is only a few weeks away!

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