A pre-Feast hymn and a carol


Have you noticed the subtle difference? On television, on the radio, on commercials, the great trumpets of Yuletide and Xmas and "the Season" are starting to grow fainter. In a checkout line, I realized that the Christmas music was being alternated with the everyday stuff, and some of the decorations have already begun to be changed out. So the … [Read more...]

A message of Pinterest


Just a quick update. I have been posting more images on the Facebook page, and it occurred to me that there is probably an actual need to make up a Pinterest board for the blog. If you're not interested in social media, I understand. I think I've got a funny relationship with it myself -- Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter ... all those odd ducks. … [Read more...]

O Little Town of Bethlehem / Obikhod Tone 6 mash-up


Listening to the Byzantine-styled version of O Come, All Ye Faithful that I posted reminded me that I always meant to see if I could crank out one or two more. But I have been in an OCA church for the past two years, and my Byzantine chanting is even rustier than it used to be. It occurred to me however that I might as well do Russian chanting the … [Read more...]

O Come, All Ye Faithful — the Byzantine remix version


I originally posted this song in December, 2010, but I actually get requests for it every year, so I'll re-post it. Yesterday, at the end of the service, we sang "O Come, All Ye Faithful" as a recessional, and one of my godsons opined that maybe if we chanted it in Byzantine Tone 2, it would fit into the service better. That sounded like a … [Read more...]

Two reclamations: Scrooge and George Bailey


There's more to get out of A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life than just vague homages to charity and friendship. Taken together, they reflect a particularly Christian balance. Since it's the season for watching our old favorites, I couldn't resist using a device from high school English (thanks, Mr. Weist!) and doing a Compare & … [Read more...]