Gay marriage: Did we start it?

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A last thought concerning the Supreme Court's decision to redefine marriage in our country. Is it possible that the dysfunction that led to this began with us? When did the first symptoms of cancer begin to show in the sacrament of marriage? A couple quick graphs:       I can't help asking, not for the … [Read more...]

‘When nothing is left of Christianity, …’

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To say these are troubling times would be the understatement of the century. The culture brings new shocks every day, and all realities suddenly seem open to interpretation. Not only do we have men that "self-identify" as women but people that "self-identify" as -- I'm not making this up -- vampires, dragons, plants and animals. And meanwhile, … [Read more...]

St. Francis of … Ireland?


Interesting saint of the day: Venerable Kevin of Glendalough in Ireland. In his youth, he had a problem keeping his temper and found comfort more in the company of animals than people. Born in 498, he eventually found peace by pursuing the monastic calling, but his fondness for animals -- and theirs for him -- remained his whole life. There are … [Read more...]

Military sacrifice and the bigger picture

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Working on an editorial cartoon for Memorial Day a few years ago, I came across this short video tribute by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) to those who died in wartime, and was touched by the evocative images and footage. There's more division on this issue than we always care to admit. When the photos of … [Read more...]

St. George … minus the dragon

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St. George the Trophy-bearer George the Great Martyr and Triumphant Holy-Glorious Hieromartyr George Today is his name-day, and another year for me to wonder to myself at the extreme popularity of this saint. You almost can't exaggerate how much he means to Orthodox people everywhere. Here's the quote from St. Andrew of Crete that greeted … [Read more...]

St. Kassiani: Hiding from His footsteps


You might have missed the Hymn of Kassiani near the end of the Bridegroom service tonight, but OrthodoxWiki calls  it one of the musical highlights of Holy Week That is in part because of the beauty of the poetry about the woman who anointed Christ's feet. But I think people have a lot of fondness for it because of the story behind the hymn. How … [Read more...]