Linkage: Modern Dating Edition

Our tagline could just as easily be “Dating is weird.” Feel free to share your stories below.

Objectifying Relationships [Orthodoxy and Recovery]
This is intriguing. “In reality, there is no such thing as a relationship. … There is only you and me.” Thoughts?

The Other-Centered Date [Verily]
Because apparently utter self-centeredness isn’t attractive. Who knew.

5 Dating Pointers Worth Rethinking [Verily]
Not every cliche is good advice.

College Class Tries to Revive the Lost Art of Dating [Boston Globe]
So it’s come to this.



  1. says

    Lunch date. Spent 97% of the time telling me how great and smart he is. 2% of the time using profanities to describe his dumb boss who couldn’t see how great and smart he is and that he deserves her job. 1% reaching across the table taking bites of my food.
    0% chance of a second date.

  2. Ariana says

    Thank you for the Orthodoxy and Recovery link in particular! I didn’t know that such a site existed, and I’m about to dig through the archive. :) 😀

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