Friday Ortho-linkage

Musings on blessings to have come out of a cancer diagnosis. [Morning Offering]

Although this image comes from Humans of New York and not strictly “Orthodox”, the message certainly is. [HONY/Facebook]

Who are the Copts and Who are the Assyrian Christians? [Leitourgeia]

In Case of Lent… The struggle as a comic. [Pithless Thoughts]

Fr. Stephen Freeman reminds us to ‘Get Real for Lent’ [Glory to God for All Things]


With the gift of God’s wisdom, I curb incontinent anger; with this I quiet corrosive envy; with this again, I quell grief that shackles the heart; with this I moderate hatred, but not love: the one we should moderate; the other, knows no limits.

– St. Gregory the Theologian

Clean Monday

A blessed Clean Monday to all. Kali sarakosti!



The Act of Rigorous Forgiving [NY Times]

Vatican to open restrooms with showers, barber shop for homeless [Chicago Tribune]

The Divorce Surge Is Over, but the Myth Lives On [NY Times]

Stop thinking of dating as solely a numbers game [Carolyn Hax]

Madam CEO, Get Me A Coffee [NY Times]

Huh. Apparently today Brigid really likes the New York Times. Good to know.
Happy weekend!