Memory Eternal – Fr. Jacob Myers

304231_4149887591574_1599657149_nMy wife and I learned tonight of the sudden death of a beloved friend, Fr. Jacob Myers. Fr. Jacob was Rector of St. John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church in Atlanta, Georgia. I do not think there is anyone whom he met who could not count him as a friend. He was one of the most tireless workers for Christ I have ever known.

Early in my priesthood he invited me to come down to his parish and serve three liturgies with him over the course of three days. It was a wonderfully “priestly” act of hospitality and so like him. I never knew anyone to love the priesthood more than he. I will miss him deeply as will my diocese and the larger Church.

I gave Fr. Jacob a ride to the airport in Dallas, TX, once. He saw a man begging by the side of the road. I stopped at a stoplight and Fr. Jacob insisted that I roll down my car window. He called the beggar over and handed him money through the window. “Pray for the priest Jacob who is traveling!” he called out.

He ran a feeding program for the homeless from his parish next to Grant Park in Atlanta. He has created an army who will no doubt pray for the priest Jacob in this last great journey. They will also need his prayers to help them endure so great a loss. Atlanta and the world lost a great soul.

Please remember the priest Jacob in your prayers and his beloved wife Matushka Rebecca, their daughters, Brigita and Gabriela.

Grant rest eternal and blessed repose, O Lord, to the priest Jacob who has fallen asleep. And make his memory to be eternal!


  1. CoffeeZombie says

    I am reminded tonight that the Orthodox world (at least, here in America) is so, so small…and Fr. Jacob was such a large person!

    When my girlfriend (now wife) and I first visited St. John’s, it was on a Saturday morning (so we wouldn’t miss Sunday morning at our Baptist church), and we got to talk to Fr. Jacob a little afterwards. At first, he’d thought we were married, and was surprised to learn that we weren’t.

    Because of some family issues involving strong Southern Baptists and their son visiting an Orthodox Church, it was about a full year before we returned to St. John’s. We met Fr. Jacob again, and, after a moment, he said, “Oh, I remember you! You’re not married!” 😀

    A couple years later, we stood in that same church with Fr. Jacob to be married, and he later baptized both of our children.

    Memory eternal!

  2. Joel Christian says

    Holy Father receive this dear beloved servant, Blessed Son be his eternal Salvation, Sanctifying Sprit be his eternal comfort and his reward of eternal life! I ask all through our strong God; who was, and is, and ever shall be! May Christ continued to be blessed though a life that was poured out for him! Blessings!

  3. Subdeacon Basilmoses says

    Father Jacob

    Memory Eternal

    The loss is so profound

    Simply, I miss Father Jacob in so many ways
    To enter and serve will tear my up not seeing him to
    bless me to vest…. ( crying)

    I was blessed to read the Psalms as Father Jacob
    was transitioning from this life. Many were filled with emotions as the faithful entered his room. Last week, Father Jacob emailed