Pilgrimage to Seattle

I fly Saturday from the beautiful autumn leaves of Appalachia and make a pilgrimage to Seattle. Every three years the Orthodox Church in America has an “All-American Council,” in which we conduct a certain amount of Church business, pray some, and do the sorts of things you do at conventions. St. Gregory the Theologian thought that Councils were a waste of time, “producing only anger and rancor.” He was correct, of course, but the specific council of which he was speaking turned out to be the Second Ecumenical Council, so some good can come from such endeavors.

Every such gathering in the Church is fraught with temptation, both personal and institutional. May God protect us all.

I hope to be able to post and respond while there (at least a little), though I probably will not post on the Council itself. Not my thing.

I’ll also be signing books and helping out at the Ancient Faith Radio table.

The pilgrimage part – is to see the Pacific Ocean – something that has escaped me lo these 57 years.

Glory to God for all things!


  1. Margaret says

    Thanks for letting us know, Fr. Stephen, may God grant you traveling mercies and a blessed communion!

    (Seeing the ocean is the best! God is certainly good to allow us to enjoy its beauy. Glory to God for all things! — from a land-locked Tennessean)

  2. says

    You’re coming to Nikolai’s and my corner of the world! I love Puget Sound. Hopefully you can take the time to get on a ferry, even if just the short one from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. I grew up in that area, but live two hours east now. I try to get over at least once a year for a ferry ride. I pray it all goes well, Father Stephen. I wish we could come over to meet you and to get a blessing.

  3. Juliana says

    Dear Fr. Stephen,
    We welcome you gladly to Seattle, which is enjoying unparalleled Fall Beauty right now, and which you will get to witness first hand, God willing. I will be at the AAC, connected with the booth being hosted by St. Katherine Mission in Kirkland (Fr. Barnabas Powell) and I pray that somehow our paths may cross. I know I can not ask your blessing in the presence of the Bishops or Metropolitan so I make a low bow now and ask for it, in advance, as I dearly covet your blessing. May God grant you safe travel and may His peace reign over the AAC this coming week.

  4. says

    Father bless!

    It has been many years since I have seen the Pacific Ocean. I “envy” you (in the best way possible of course). Our prayers go with you and are offered for you personally, all the other participants, the Council and its deliberations, and the well-being and witness of the Orthodox Church in America as a whole.