The Pilgrim's Way – A Preview


  1. Anna says

    thank you, Father, for posting this. Does anyone know how/where one can see the entire documentary?

  2. says

    The information I have was posted in November of 07, so I would think that the documentary is finished. The info says:

    Short preview of a “A Pilgrim’s Way”, a documentary we’ve made about the Romanian Orthodox church. It begins with lay life in Bucharest and then travels to a monastery, and we end by meeting some of the great Romanian church fathers. It is 73 minutes long and will be released soon

  3. says

    It was a quote, I assume, from some who have experience of the “age to come” which I suspect is not the same thing as the “heaven” we see displayed in Scripture (which seems to have everything to do with our present).

    But it was only an interesting paradox. I do not know enough of such silence in my life to draw conclusions. It’s not a dogma – just a thought. But without experience how do we understand the Scriptures? It would just be a set of ideas to provide fodder for the imagination and argument. An example are the disciples after the resurrection in John who “did not yet know the Scriptures” (though they obviously could have quoted them). Do I yet “know the Scriptures”? Not very well.

    I suspect the monk in the video knows what he’s talking about and that we do not yet.