The Peace of God – St. Silouan

nikolai_bruni-candle_bearer_in_a_convent_1891The following small quotation is from the book Wisdom from Mount Athos: the Writings of Staretz Silouan 1866-1938


We must always pray the Lord for peace of soul that we may the more easily fulfil the Lord’s commandments; for the Lord loves those who strive to do His will, and thus they attain profound peace in God.

He who does the Lord’s will is content with all things, though he be poor or sick and suffering, because the grace of God gladdens his heart. But the man who is discontented with his lot and murmurs against his fate, or against those who cause him offense, should realize that his spirit is in a state of pride, which has taken from him his sense of gratitude towards God.

But if it be so with you, do not lose heart but try to trust firmly in the Lord and ask Him for a humble spirit; and when the lowly spirit of God comes to you you will then love Him and be at rest in spite of all tribulations.

The soul that has acquired humility is always mindful of God, and thinks to herself: ‘God has created me. He suffered for me. He forgives me my sins and comforts me. He feeds me and cares for me. Why, then should I take thought for myself, and that is there to fear, even if death threaten me?

I will add the observation that it is within ourselves that we should look to find the peace of God – never outward circumstances.


  1. mic says

    Fr, this is truly a beautiful post!

    i think rightfully St. Siloun is called Staretz!

    In my current turmoil i find myself crying “Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy,” yet forgetting all the while to be thankful for what i do have.

    Neglecting the peace of God that accompanies a grateful heart, i’ve cast off all thankfulness and chose rather to focus solely on a minor bump in the road.

    i hadn’t even realized that this is what i had been doing until i read this post.

    Glory to God for ALL things!


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    I have a question for you Fr Stephen, that is not about this posting, but more about doctrine…..where can I ask the question privately? Perhaps I can find my answer online but I would still like your input.

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