Living Saints in Romania


The video has English subtitles and is worth the patience to watch – particularly the interview at the end. Living saints are rare and a great blessing. It is one of the treasures of this ancient, Orthodox land.


  1. A Pilgrim says

    Wow! Thank you Father for this! The line that really struck me must was when the monk at the end said that he once had the prayer of the heart, that unceasing prayer, but says “I had it, and lost it because of my unworthiness.”

    It makes me think how we feel like, especially here in America, that we entitlted to certain things. How we feel like they should just be given to us. But here is this monk, who does not live in the world, who spends in his day in prayer, and even though he has renounced all, he does not seem bitter that he’s lost his unceasing prayer. Far from it, he admits that he is not even worthy to have it!

    As he said, “Humility, humility, and humility.”

  2. Karen C says

    Dear Father, bless! Thank you. All beautiful. What struck me most was the Elder’s comment to the effect that “we monks are not allowed to insult or ridicule one another” and also that they are taught to not even “spank a child.” How contrary to the ways of the world. What a beautiful expression of the gentleness and kindness of God. As a mom, I stand convicted. Lord, have mercy on me!

  3. Anson Rhodes (Wordsmyth) says

    Thanks for posting this. Father, did you ever get my email about the Protestant view of God’s wrath?

  4. says

    I viewed this and it helps me to realize just how unworthy I am. The humilty, especially of the monk at the end of the video is sobering. I can only pray for God’s mercy.