Russian Art – Mikhail Nesterov (1862-1942)

Nesterov is one of my favorite artists. His work has a marvelous Russian quality with an almost pre-raphaelite technique. His rendering of a couple of icon subjects are perhaps the only things that do not work for me. But you see some of his art posted here from time to time. This youtube is a delightful discovery.


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    Yes. Old Believer communities still maintain some of this – and doubtless there are others. Orthodox nuns wear a variety of head-coverings, including some similar to the black veils you see depicted. I have a friend who is an Orthodox nun, who has a blessing from the Bishop to wear a pectoral cross so that she will not be mistaken for a Muslim woman. Angels probably see the righteous in something like this form…. :)

  2. John Hetman says

    Dear Father —

    What a wonderful and haunting post! Between the art, its themes and the music, one approaches a quiet state of rapture. Thank you and God bless you.

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    Father Stephen, how are these women treated in society? As a Muslim woman, we are usually viewed as oppressed, even though when the Virgin Mary is depicted she is usually covered in similar attire and nuns get respect and are seen as pious. Interesting, thanks for sharing.

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