Many Thanks for your Support

As the ministry of Glory to God for All Things continues to grow, I give thanks to readers who read, comment, and share with others what they find useful. Tonight or tomorrow we will have logged 800,000 visits to the site, a very gratifying number. I recently added a “flag count” to the blog, which … Read More →

Our Capacity for Love – An Update

An earlier form of this article appeared in 2007. Our first child was born over 27 years ago. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the event – staggered at the seriousness of what had happened in my life. Evey aspect of her coming into our life was new – and I felt completely unprepared. On her … Read More →

Good Without Any Effort

A Hermit said, “We fail to make progress because we do not comprehend our capacity. We weary of the work we have started. We want to be good without making any effort.” From the Sayings of the Desert Fathers There is a popular cultural statement, “I’m only human,” that serves to make excuse for our … Read More →