If You Love Dostoevsky


If you love Dostoevsky as I do, then you must read this article (actually a lecture) by Donald Sheehan. That’s his picture (which made me want to read the article in the first place – sort of ZZ Tops and Dosteoevsky) Forgive me. But it is exquisite. His own story and Memory Eternal is worth whatever time you give it.

It’s hard to read too much Dostoevsky.


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    Thank you for this article. Perfect timing, actually. I read “Brothers Karamazov” in a whirlwind week (or less) the summer after I graduated from high school.
    To say I need to re-read it would be an understatement.
    I have the Garnett translation/Matlow revision. Is it a bad one? I don’t want to miss anything when I’m reading. If I can help it, that is.

  2. Fatherstephen says

    Penguin Classic’s translated by McDuff is the most accurate that I own, especially on Church vocabulary. I bought it cheap at McKay’s.

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    I just looked at 8th day books and they recommend volokhonsky translation. I don’t think I’ve looked at that one. But 8th day is pretty good when it recommends.

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    Father, bless,

    I read that essay last year when I re-read “The Brothers Karamazov” and agree, it was incredibly well written.

    I also have the Garnett translation, which is what I’ve read both times. I hear that the Volokhonsky translation is much better, but I already own the Garnett one.

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    I think I must be the only Orthodox Christian in America willing to admit not liking Dostoevsky, at least the little I’ve been able to slog through! I’m an avid reader, and I’ve tried perhaps four times to read The Brothers Karamazov, but after a few hundred pages of nothing at all happening, I’m afraid I lose heart. Perhaps I’m too American, but that’s not something for which I can apologize with much gusto. :)

    Prof. Sheehan used to live three doors down from me when his son was one of my fellow seminarians. A fantastic fellow. He also put together the Psalter (a correction of the NKJV by way of the LXX) for the incipient Orthodox Study Bible including the OT. I got a preliminary electronic copy, and it’s quite good.

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