Lutheran Pastor to Convert to Orthodoxy

Pastor John Fenton, of Allen Park, MI, announced to his parish his resignation and intention to seek reception into the Orthodox Church along with his family. The text is found on his blog: Conversi ad Domini.


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    Thank you Fr. Stephen for posting this. John is a friend and colleague in an academic program. We’ve been discussing this for a long, long time. The integrity of his resignation letter is abundant. I am keeping him in prayer: for his own sake, that of his (what a tribe!) family, and those under his spiritual care.

    God’s richest blessings on you John!
    (oh, and the anti-Orthodox comments he’s receiving at his website are a hoot…)

  2. says

    May God reward him richly for any suffering he bears in this part of his life. May Christ receive these painful words as words directed at Him (even though I’m sure none of those writing would dream of saying harsh things to Christ). On the other hand, at the last day we will ask, “When did we ever see you naked, or hungry, in prison, etc.”

    Though I’ve heard Orthodox be far less than kind to others in various circumstances. We all need to remember that we are all responsible for the sins of everyone and to speak kindness to all. It’s the Orthodox Way.

  3. irishanglican says

    This would be a good place to thank you again for the long dialog that I had with you and many of your people. (Over the Blog on Hell, etc.) I must confess that I have a love for certain things in Orthodoxy…The clear doctrine of the Trinity, the love of The Virgin Mary (and I believe profoundly in her mystery and her Theotokos!), the historical development of Orthodox spirituality, and the contemplative of Orthodox Icons (The Savior, Andrei Rublev…so profound: The Image of the Father!)…and many more for me – The Trinity, Andrei Rublev; The Crucifixion…the Byzantine cross; indeed my list is long!
    So even though I perhaps struggle with my own dimension and nature of the supremacy of the Word, in “Biblicism”. I do have a special place for Orthodoxy! And I love to read Georges Florovsky and Alexander Schmemann!

    Pray for me!

    Fr. Robert

  4. irishanglican says

    Fr. Greg,
    I wrote my few lines for Fr. Steven and his people mostly. But among the Orthodox, there would be serious differences between them and the Oriental or Old Oriental Orthodox. I was just sent something from some Orthodox, and they told me the Miaphysite position puts them outside of Orthodoxy. And they were quite emphatic!

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