“Save Me Whether I Want It or Not”


A Prayer to Our Lord Jesus Christ

My most merciful and all-merciful God, O Lord Jesus Christ! In Thy great love, Thou didst come down and become flesh in order to save all. Again, I pray Thee, save me by Grace! If Thou shouldst save me because of my deeds, it would not be a gift, but merely a duty. Truly, Thou aboundest in graciousness and art inexpressibly merciful! Thou hast said, O my Christ: “He who believes in me shall live and never see death.” If faith in Thee saves the desperate, behold: I believe! Save me, for Thou art my God and my Maker. May my faith replace my deeds, O my God, for Thou wilt find no deeds to justify me. May my faith be sufficient for all. May it answer for me; may it justify me; may it make me a partaker of Thine eternal glory; and may Satan not seize me, O Word, and boast that He has torn me from Thy hand and fold. O Christ my Savior: save me whether I want it or not! Come quickly, hurry, for I perish! Thou art my God from my mother’s womb. Grant, O Lord, that I may now love Thee as once I loved sin, and that I may labor for Thee without laziness as once I labored for Satan the deceiver. Even more, I will labor for Thee, my Lord and God Jesus Christ, all the days of my life, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

From the Morning Prayers


  1. Dave Wells says

    Father, a beautiful prayer – as well as a rejoinder to our evangelical Protestant neighbors who think that Orthodox and Catholics believe in “works righteousness”. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Fr Stephen says

    I do not know the history of this prayer. It may very well have had some influence from Protestant concerns (not unusual in the past few centuries) but this in no way makes the prayer less Orthodox.

  3. Jim N. says

    The first time my wife and I used a prayer book with the prayer, we were both so struck by it! What a cry of desperation ‘…make haste, quick, quick! For I perish…’ and so close to home by the time Friday morning rolls around. :)

  4. Edee says

    I have been praying for the first time (started 3 years ago when I lost my parent within 30 days to the day of each other)..understand I now am looking to be save because I beleive we are in the end of days..I always beleived in the LORD always always always..AND my voice I know goes up to him every time I cry out..Now would you please guide me further???